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18 May 2012 @ 09:45 pm
The Bastard of the Rock, part 2  
Title: The Bastard of the Rock
Chapter 2: Year 277 after Aegon's Landing
Author: synergyfox
Word Count: 3000

Summary: A world where Joanna Lannister lived, Tywin Lannister died, and a bastard girl from D'Hara was freed from the bonds of Lord Rahl.

Notable Events
  • Garlan Tyrell, second son of Mace Tyrell and Alerie Hightower, is born.
  • Robar Royce, second son of Yohn Royce, is born.
  • Sylva Santagar, heir of Spottswood, is born.
  • Tyene Sand, bastard daughter of Prince Oberyn Martell and a Septa, is born.
| I | II |

It was always the squeaks that woke her, not the pain. The scrabble of claws, not the bite of teeth. “Dahlia,” she whimpered, but Dahlia hadn’t been there in days.

The rats always went for her toes and all she wanted was a hand to hold but she was alone in the cell, smelling only mold and fur and terror.

Cara curled into a ball and swallowed a cry, tucking her fisted hands against her belly to protect the soft flesh. The rats squeaked as they found her bare toes and started biting. She cried and could feel the warm blood, warmer than the fur of a hundred horrid hairy bodies.

“Dahlia,” she whimpered, but Dahlia was gone like everyone else. And the rats ate at her, and squeaked, and she could only barely keep from screaming.

Her eyes snapped open, muscles still tense from the nightmare. Cara took a few breaths to calm herself – she was in Casterly Rock, not D’Hara.

In her bed, in her chambers.

There was no need to worry; her room was checked on a regular basis for vermin, she even refused to have food in her chambers in order not to attract the vile beasts.

Garen was next to her, she could feel the other girl’s twitching movement against the feather bed. She focused on that familiar movement for the time being while getting her pounding heart rate under control.

It wouldn’t do well to drive herself into panic attack when there was nothing to fear. Cara’s brows furrowed in confusion after a few moments when she felt something warm and wet on her thighs. Her heart began to race once more as she forced her limbs to straighten; Cara sat up, throwing the blankets back in one motion.


Cara shuddered in disgust at the sight, eyes widening in horror – her thighs were covered in her own fluid and her night clothes were ruined, the bedding was ruined… likely the feather bed as well.

For a moment there was panic as she attempted to locate the wound producing the blood; she wasn’t in pain so it was difficult, there was merely a bit of cramping in the general area of her groin.

Are there rats? Did they bite me? No… there’s no sound…

Cara didn’t waste a second as she reached her hand between her legs, drawing her hand up after a few moments of probing. Her fingers were covered in fresh blood – she sighed, body relaxing slightly. Months ago Joanna had warned her about her moon blood coming soon.

She shook her head and threw the blankets back, much to the disdain of her sleeping companion. The eleven-year-old blonde placed a hand gently on Garen’s shoulder, shaking her awake.


“Go back to sleep.” The darker haired girl muttered, rolling away from her with a disgruntled sound.

Cara sighed and continued to shake her bedmate, “Garen.” The tone was a bit more urgent this time and that was enough to make the other girl sit up, rubbing her eyes groggily.

“What?” It came out in a hiss. Garen didn’t particularly like being woken up at in the middle of the night--she was a hard sleeper and it took forever for her to get back to sleep once she was awake.

The younger girl trembled slightly and motioned with her head, eyeing what appeared to be quite a bit of blood. She knew it wasn’t, she’d seen blood absorbed by cloth before. It spread, always appearing to be more than there was – so that wasn’t particularly worrying. “I’m bleeding and it doesn’t appear to be from a wound.”

Garen glanced towards the bloodstained sheets, “You’re a woman now.” She smirked, dropping back onto the bed for a moment to regain her bearings before sitting up once more. “I’ll fetch a few servants; we’ll get everything cleaned up. Nothing to worry about, this happens all the time.”

Cara nodded her head, not bothering to look up as Garen left – she wiped slowly at her thighs, trying to clean the blood from her skin with a fistful of ruined bedding.

It wasn’t long before Garen returned with Septa Lysel and a few servant girls. “Up you get, child.” Cara did as she was told with the faint blush of embarrassment tinting her cheeks. The servant girls moved around, piling the blankets into the middle of the feather bed before carrying it out with a bit of difficulty. A sigh of relief escaped her when she saw that Garen was the one to dampen a cloth from the basin in order to help clean the blood away.

Everything was far less embarrassing now that she was able to focus on her friend instead of the old woman in the room who was so very unfamiliar to her. Garen was familiar to her, she trusted the older girl.

“Now, when you bleed every month you’re going to have to wear cloth so you don’t go and ruin your clothes.”

The blush darkened across Cara’s cheeks, “I know. My aunt has informed me of such things.”

Lady Joanna.” Septa Lysel corrected with a voice that was crisp enough to cause Cara to turn her head and Garen to lift her eyes. “You are her bastard sister’s daughter. You will address the lady of this house by her proper titles, girl.”

Cara’s brows furrowed, righteous indignation bubbling up in her tummy at the Septa’s harsh words. “Bastard though I may be, Septa Lysel, the lady of this house has made it implicitly clear that I am to address her by the familial title of aunt due to her fondness for my mother.” Cara snapped in the same tone she had heard her aunt use with the servants whenever they were performing their duties improperly.

A tone to put lesser beings in their place.

It took a few seconds before the tingling sensation settled in and a few seconds more for Cara to comprehend that the Septa had indeed struck her across the face. Cara lifted her hand to her cheek, massaging it lightly, looking utterly bewildered. Her jaw slackened when Garen grabbed the Septa by her the front of her habit, tugging the older woman down to eye level.

She wasn’t aware of where the dagger came from, its tip pressed just under Septa Lysel’s right eye hard enough to draw blood.

“You will leave this room or I will see just how skilled I am with this blade.”


“What was going through your head, you insufferable child? You drew a blade on someone of far greater importance than you! Were you touched with madness? The wound you gave Septa Lysel will scar!”

Cara’s eyes flicked from Garen to Joanna as her mind wandered to what could potentially occur. Garen was not of noble birth and Septa Lysel was a Lannister by blood, she’d been Septa to both her mother and the fiery woman pacing in the room.

“I should have you whipped for such insolence.”

Cara’s chest tightened at the thought. “You can’t!”

Joanna’s head whipped around, eyes almost narrowing to slits. “And just why not, pray tell?”

“She was defending me!”

“Are you honestly trying to tell me that Septa Lysel assaulted you? Do you take me for an idiot?”

Cara took a slow breath, stepping forward to draw Joanna’s attention from her friend. “No, well… yes… I… no… you’re not an… I…she struck me but she didn’t assault me. She was…”

“She struck Cara because Cara referred to you as ‘Aunt,’ which you have told her to address you as.”

Joanna came to a halt, frowning she turned to face the fire at the hearth; Cara relaxed a little when Joanna’s arms crossed over her chest. “Garen, escort Cara to her chambers. You are both to be confined there until the coming morning.”


Garen made a face as she picked at her bread. “Bread, cheese and water?”

“It’s better than being whipped.” Cara grinned, tearing into her bread with a look of relish. “And you must admit, the Dornish cheese my aunt’s cook made is spectacular. The spices are perfect; they cause a slight tingle rather than a burning of the tongue.”

The darker girl threw herself back on the bed, huffing slightly, “I’ve tasted better.”

Cara smiled at the other girl’s prone form. “I’m sure you have.”


The next few days were full of chaos; apparently Lady Joanna had sent Septa Lysel back to the Citadel, demanding a replacement. Visenya had begun tutoring Cara in the ways of pleasure--verbally of course, she was not old enough to learn the physical ways of pleasure. For the moment she was merely learning to seduce with a gaze, touch or word.

But those sessions were for tomorrow.

Cara took a calming breath – she wasn’t allowed to practice with Jhaqo as he refused to train her while she was on her moon blood. Garen was away with her father purchasing something for Visenya.

She wanted to hit something.

Cara sat uncomfortably on the stairs, leaning against the wall with a dreamy sigh. Tygett would be back in three days’ time and he had promised to teach her to joust – so long as Joanna didn’t find out, of course. Her lips twitched upwards as she remembered the conversation with her uncle an hour after the first tournament of the day at Highgarden.

“Please Ser Tygett, I swear I’ll be the best squire you’ve ever had! There’s plenty of bastard squires!”

“I can’t take a girl on as my squire, Cara. It just isn’t how things are done.”

Cara’s eyes began to water at the prospect. She wanted to learn to joust! That proved to be the older man’s undoing, however. For all of Tygett Lannister’s prowess as a knight, he could not prevail against the tears of a ten-year-old.

“I will teach you to joust, little one, but I cannot take you on as my squire.” Cara leapt forward, wrapping her tiny arms around the knight’s waist. She was sure to have bruises in the morning but it did not matter – she was going to learn to joust. Tygett brought his ungloved hand down to rest upon Cara’s head, making a light patting motion. “Just don’t tell Joanna, eh? She’ll have me drawn and quartered for sullying her niece’s honor.”

A laugh escaped Cara and she nodded against his fine armor, refusing to let go of her uncle. “Thank you, Ser Tygett!”

The knight straightened, placing his hands on his hips as he looked down at the child with a glint in his eye. “But I will have no more of this ‘Ser’ Tygett. You will address me as ‘Uncle’ Tygett from now on.”

“Or what?” Cara teased, looking up at the man with a serious look upon her.

“Or you shall suffer a punishment no other has suffered before… the torture of a tickle.”

Cara’s eyes widened in horror. “Anything but that!, Ser-”

"Anything but that, what?” Tygett laughed, hoisting the child up with one arm and tickling her mercilessly with his free hand.

“Anything but that, Uncle Tygett!” Cara squealed, limbs flailing until he pitied her and ceased, allowing her to touch the ground once more.

Tygett smiled and knelt with little difficulty as he was not fully armored, “I’ll train you to joust when I return to Casterly Rock. I must attend to a few trade agreements across the Narrow Sea.”

“You swear it, uncle?”

“I give you my word.”

Cara brought her knees together, smiling lightly. At least there was that to look forward to – she certainly didn’t appreciate the constant flow of blood escaping her. If this is what it meant to be a woman, she would most certainly rather be a boy, or at least a knight.

“There you are, little one. Lady Joanna wishes for you to join her in her chambers.” Cara turned her head to look up at Visenya. “You should hurry, you know she doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”


It had taken twenty minutes to get to the other side of the fortress, and that was with a few dangerous leaps over servants cleaning the floors. Who in the name of the Seven would think to build such an obscenely large castle? It was times like these that she truly missed the small farm her father had had in Stowecroft.

She flopped in a most unladylike fashion onto the only available chair next to her cousin, gladly accepting the offered cup of water from the servant girl. “What are we here for, mother? I wanted to finish my sewing.” Cersei grumbled, crossing her legs and sulking.

“Seeing as how Septa Lysel has… returned to the Citadel. I must take it upon myself to properly educate you both on coitus.”

Cara’s cheeks flushed the same shade as Cersei’s gown and her cousin’s cheeks took on a faint, pink hue. “You have both flowered meaning you are both women now, able to bear children for your husbands.” Both children looked at her in horror.

“Are we to be married off already?” Cara squeaked and a chuckle escaped Joanna.

“No, not yet. You’re old enough to bear children but no man will marry you as of yet. I am looking into betrothing you both. Cersei, you will, of course be betrothed to a noble of a great house; Cara… you will hopefully be married off to a noble of a lesser house. If not that, a knight. Though you are a bastard, you are still a Lannister bastard.” Joanna moved around and got comfortable her chair, taking a sip of wine.

“Now, when a man is aroused his penis expands, which means he is then ready to copulate. Women are far more complicated and men rarely take this into account. Your first times will most likely be rather painful.”

"First time for what?” Cara breathed, scooting back into her chair. She didn’t particularly like the sound of this first time business.

Joanna continued, “When a man and a woman copulate, the man traditionally places his member into his lady wife’s womanhood. He will thrust into you repeatedly while grunting and panting in a manner that sounds something akin to a dog. After he is spent he typically tends to roll over and sleep. This is normal and there is nothing to worry about.”

Cara turned her head when she felt a hand grip hers, sharing a look with Cersei.

“When a man and his lady wife join together in coitus after their first night together, the experience does tend to become rather enjoyable, depending upon the prowess of your lord husband of course. If he has no prowess this is a matter easily attended to. You simply –” The servant girl cleared her throat and Joanna started slightly, taking a sip of wine to clear her thoughts. “You simply take care of the issue by use of your own hand. I will, however, discuss that with you girls when you’re a few years older.”

Joanna continued on for another ten minutes at the most before she allowed Cersei and Cara to leave. Cara scrunched her nose up in distaste once they were down the hall and away from prying ears, “I don’t want to do that with a man.”

“It sounds absolutely horrid.” Cersei grumbled, taking Cara’s hand once more as the duo walked.

Cara closed her eyes, thinking of Dahlia – was she still alive? Did Mord’Sith learn of such things?

“Be careful Cara!” Cersei snapped, tugging the other girl closer when she nearly ran into a pillar. “No wonder you’re always bruised up and injured!”

“No, that’s because I’m not learning needlepoint, I’m learning to fight and kill.” Cara muttered, rolling her eyes and pulling her hand from Cersei’s grasp. “I need to go greet Garen when she returns.”

“You should spend the day with me. I miss you; you’re always hanging around that vile little street urchin.”

Cara’s eyes narrowed as she turned to face her cousin. “She isn’t a street urchin and she most certainly isn’t vile. At least she doesn’t talk ill of those around her.”

Cersei retook Cara’s hand, batting her lashes at the other girl with a hurt look, “I’m sorry. I know you care for the girl. I just miss you. I miss my cousin.”

Her heart constricted at the pitiful look on Cersei’s pretty features and she caved, not wishing to see such a look of sadness upon the other girl’s face a moment longer. “Fine. But we’re not sewing.”

The other girl’s face lit up and Cara laughed a little as she was dragged through the hall and down the stairs by the over-eager Lannister. “There won’t be a single needle in sight! I swear it!”

“I don’t understand you sometimes. You can be so sweet when it suits your own ends and purposes.”

Cersei glanced over her shoulder with a secretive smile. “You’re learning to fight, cousin. I’m learning to play the game of thrones.”

“Well, don’t play it with me.” Cara muttered, glaring at the back of her cousin’s golden head, “I do not wish to be in a position of power, I only want to do my duty.”

Her cousin opened a door with her free hand, nodding her head in agreement with Cara’s words. “Understandable, of course. However, your duty is to bring honor and glory to House Lannister. It’s the duty of every Lannister. There is an expectation and every single one of us must rise above that expectation. From the noblest of lords to the lowliest of servants.”

Cara stared at her cousin, taking the words to heart.

She did have a point after all, and Cara wanted nothing more than to make her aunt proud--the easiest way to do that was also the hardest. It would seem that she would have to learn to play the game of thrones better than all others before her.

cara_cerseicara_cersei on May 19th, 2012 11:22 am (UTC)
Loved this- you combine the two fandoms brilliantly. Really capture the characters well- I love it. Can't wait for more!
synergyfoxsynergyfox on May 19th, 2012 08:18 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you're enjoying this fic thus-far. Many twists and turns are in the future.
butchonbutchon on May 29th, 2012 05:51 pm (UTC)
can't wait to read more of it.