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10 February 2012 @ 10:01 pm
LotS Fic: Need  

Title: Need
Author: synergyfox
Pairing: Kahlan/Darken
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Non-graphic sexyteims.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, sadly. 

Written for confessorlove's birthday, cos she's awesome and a Darken/Kahlan bunny tackled me from behind.

She went to him in the dark of the night, moonlight her only guide through the stone halls that had become her home. It was for comfort now, rather than procreation; over the years love blossomed in her heart - eating away at the hate she once felt for the ruler of D'Hara.

Kahlan Rahl actively sought out her lord husband, father of three beautiful daughters and a pristinely ungifted son. Her hand clenched to fist the letter containing news of a wizard's death in Thandor. The last connection to her childhood - dead and gone. She needed her husband now, she needed his strength and protection.

She needed him to mend her heart whole once more.

It would take time, Kahlan knew that much, just as it had with Richard; at the very least Darken would be able to sooth away some of her pains.

The Mother Confessor made a point to stop at the doors of her children's rooms, looking inside to reassure herself that they were all happy, healthy and sleeping. When she finally made it to her husband's private chambers Kahlan took a few moments to calm herself - wiping at the few tears that managed to escape.

Her knuckles came down upon the door in swift succession, smiling softly when it was opened to reveal a very naked Darken Rahl. His face contorted into a look of concern when more tears escaped.

They didn't need to speak.

Darken gently guided his wife into the room, closing the door behind them; nimble fingers removed her sleeping dress. Soon they were pressed against each other, skin against skin - moving as one.

It was hot and fast and hard - exactly what was needed to take her mind from the loss of an old friend.

Kahlan let loose a breath when they dropped into bed minutes later with each other, wrapped tight around each other. Darken moved close behind her, holding her as tight as possible with one arm. 

The second smile of the night graced Kahlan's lips as she leaned back into her husband; the years it took to make their union work were well worth it - she had what she always wanted, a true friend and someone to rely on.

Kahlan's eyes fluttered shut, sleep consuming her - tomorrow was another day to deal with her grief and her husband would be there with her.

A true breakdown was inevitable and she would have arms to fall into.

A/N: Huzzah, it was meant to be longer - but then Darken ran away to snuggle Kahlan.
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jolo_65jolo_65 on February 13th, 2012 09:59 am (UTC)
Aww this was beautiful and so many feeeeeelings.....whilst I'm not a big fan of Darken/Kahlan pairing I can appreciate, when its clear, that time and effort have gone into making this union work - as you've shown here - no magic or potions involved ;)

Love this little ficlet......but I'm also still waiting on a certain tipsy Cara story that someone mentioned =_= (yep looking at you !!!) lol

Thx for writing and sharing.....I've missed your stories :D

synergyfox: LotS: Cara x Kahlan Kiss 2synergyfox on February 18th, 2012 11:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I definitely prefer Darken/Kahlan when time and effort has been put into the relationship. It takes time and dedication to make a relationship work so I guess that's why I ship those two more than I ever will Richard/Kahlan. Darken and Kahlan just have so much more to work for and figure out. Richard/Kahlan just hit it off immediately so they just have to figure out sexyteims logistics. Also why I ship Cara/Kahlan more, they have stuff to work through.

I know, I know. Hopefully I'll have inspiration and time. I never have both at the same time anymore.

Glad you like.